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Corporate Picnic 


We were asked by AZA Events to provide entertainment for the annual Honeywell HUG Picnic.  The family night would have lots of children and about 1,000 attendees. The requested theme was Alice in Wonderland!  

So... We went down the rabbit hole and got to work bringing the Wonderland characters to life in our whimsical circusy way.



CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Themed Party, Queen of Hearts plays giant chess at a corporate picnic

CIRCUS PICNIC is amazing to work with in every way! They are extremely talented and a true partner! Any event with them is a guaranteed success!

-Jessica, AZA Events

We designed & fabricated custom costumes that rivaled those on the silver screen while fitting the unique needs of the circus performers playing each role.  A giant sectioned tail was created to for the eastern inspired Caterpillar Fortune Teller costume; and we lined the Hatter’s coat with enough pockets to make a magician go mad.  Despite the summer heat, we decided to go with full fur costumes for the White Rabbit & Cheshire Cat which created an incredibly realistic look.



We brought together a phenomenal cast of performers who all took their roles very seriously.  Many performers read the original book by Lewis Carroll to research their characters’ personalities and learn their signature phrases.  We even had a movie night with some of the cast members to watch the animated & Burton movies.


Wonderland Company Picnic, Corporate Attire
Wonderland Characters at a company picnic in San Antonio. CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Entertainers



CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Giant Chess Game, Wonderland Games at the company picnic in Texas


Challenge your friend's wits and try to capture their queen in this lawn size version of the classic board game.  Beware: Our Queen of Hearts may drop in to cause trouble.

Wonderland Tea Party in Austin company picnic
CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Entertainment blue caterpillar, Wonderland Caterpillar's tarot table in company picnic



We created a lamp out of an old hookah for our Caterpillar Fortune Teller, and rigged it with dry ice so it would appear to be smoking the entire evening.


We transformed a plain event table into a whimsical tea party by covering it with teacups, books, flowers, trinkets, vials of magical potion, and cupcakes for a Cupcake Walk.

  • Costumed Characters
  • Jugglers 
  • Hula Hoopers
  • Partner Acrobats
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Magicians
  • Contortionists
  • Aerialists
  • Fortune Tellers

The kids loved meeting Alice in person; our Tweedles were tumbling acrobats; and the Mad Hatter Magician had plenty of tricks up his sleeve. The tea party table was turned into a cake walk to wish everyone a very happy un-birthday. Our fortune telling Caterpillar gave enlightening tarot readings, while our White Rabbit spring stilt walker jumped around the Queen of Heart’s court and giant chess set. Even the adults couldn’t escape the madness of the Cheshire Cat who jumped on tables and bars, and nuzzled the little ones.


Wonderland Character, White Rabbit, CIRCUS PICNIC Entertainer


Our White Rabbit is a spring stilt walker who jumps and hops around the party but always seems to be late! Also available as costumed character.

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Sassy Actor, Fantasy World Queen of Hearts


A bit sassy and a bit sweet, our Queen of Hearts typically a game playing improv actor, but other specialty options are available upon request.

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Character, Mad Hatter Entertainers at Corporate Picnic in Texas


If a simple hatter isn't 'Mad' enough for you, he is available as a roaming magician or juggler, spinning plates and tossing teacups.

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Characters at a company picnic in San Antonio, Blue Caterpillar


While the Caterpillar is a fantastic costumed character, she is also available as a tarot card reader to help you answer the question 'Whooo are you?'

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Main Character, Alice Adventures Down the Rabbit Hole, Entertainer at Company Picnic


This lovable ingenue can also be an acrobat, aerialist, or contortionist.

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Character, Cheshire Cat Entertainers at Texas Company Picnic


Always causing mischief, Cheshire Cat is a huge hit with the little ones.  Also available as a contortionist or aerialist.

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Entertainers, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Partner Acrobats for Hire


The Tweedles are most commonly partner acrobats or jugglers whose tomfoolery is quite confusing to Alice but is a big hit with the crowds. 

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Theme Party Production Manager


Full Wonderland Package comes with production manager to make sure the event goes smoothly by addressing any last minute client needs and ensuring performers are in place throughout the venue.

CIRCUS PICNIC Wonderland Fortune Telling Caterpillar, Fortune Cards on Tarot Table

"CIRCUS PICNIC was hands down the Showstopper...The costuming and make-up was the best I've seen to date. Working as a corporate event planner, we see a lot of character performances, but Kelly's team was definitely among the BEST out there! BRAVO to all! "

 Ciara, AZA Events


The evening was a huge success!  

For this production, we are one of three production companies in the whole country nominated for an ESPRIT Award for ILEA (International Live Event Association) for Corporate Events under 25k!

We were also asked to come back and perform for the same event the following year.



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