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Step right up, ladies and gentleman, for the carnival has come to town!  We delight audiences of all sizes for evenings of games and spectacular sights.

It's novel nod to the golden era of traveling carnivals.  We bring the entertainment to you!   Local female fabricators designed and created the Wooden Nickel Carnival with a grant from Burning Man and Kickstarter.  While we also create public carnival experiences, we're excited to bring the carnival to our corporate partners for their employee conventions, product launches, parties, & more to dazzle their employees & industry associates.  


We have paired the carnival experience with roaming specialty circus performers, stage shows, raffles, prizes, and more.   

Corporate Parties 


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The McNay Art Museum


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CIRCUS PICNIC Theme Party, Carnival Circus Entertainment Idea

CIRCUS PICNIC is amazing to work with in every way! They are extremely talented and a true partner! Any event with them is a guaranteed success!

-Jessica, AZA Events

The artisan wooden booths featuring classic carnival games are 10' x 10' and use LED lighting to minimize electrical use while giving off a spectacular vintage glow.  The booths come staffed with improv actors who facilitate the games and can modify their performance to fit any theme.  




While these booths were originally built based off of 1920's era Vintage Carnivals, there are a variety of other themes that we also offer. 

Take yourself back to the days of the Vaudeville Dust Bowl when even the dust storms couldn't put a damper on the joy of the traveling carnival.  Roar into the 20's of flapper glitz and glam with feathers, show girls, and high rollers.  Visit the world famous seaside fair (Coney Island Boardwalk) during the pre-WWII era- the height of its popularity.  Our Steampunk theme is a delightful mix of victorian & sci-fi culture with a dash of western and fantasy flair.   And of course, cowboys and gals from Texas and beyond can't get enough of our Western/ Texas Fair theme. 


CIRCUS PICNIC Carnival Classic Experience,Carnival Spilt Milk Vintage Entertainment, Carnival Games for Rent in Texas
CIRCUS PICNIC Carnival Party Experience, Carnival Vintage Booth at the Corporate Party In Texas
CIRCUS PICNIC Theme Party, Ring Toss Carnival Game for Hire San Antonio


A classic favorite; use balls to knock down the metal milk bottles.


Toss rings onto metal milk bottles- Careful, it’s much harder than it looks.

CIRCUS PICNIC Vintage Carnival Entertainment Theme, Hats Off Vintage Carnival Game in Austin


Toss hats onto a variety of moving and stationary targets in this luxurious living room. 

CIRCUS PICNIC Corporate Carnival Party, Knock Out Clown - Carnival Booth for Rent in Houston Texas

Knock out the teeth of our ever-grinning clown.


CIRCUS PICNIC Carnival Unique Experience,Partison Darts Carnival Vintage Booth Game in Austin for Rent


Darts with a fun political twist.  Choose Republican or Democrat, or overthrow the system and choose the Libertarian or Cthulhu Parties.


Exchange your wooden nickels for a prize or raffle ticket.

CIRCUS PICNIC Vintage Carnival Theme Idea for Corporate Party, Unique Party Entertainment Experience


We often send out the Wooden Nickel Carnival as a complete entertainment package with strolling specialty performers, carnival confections, and spectacular sights. 

You can even make the carnival a circus experience by booking specialty circus performers and our circus decor package. 


  • Acrobats
  • Aerialists
  • Cigar Girls 
  • Contortionists
  • Cotton Candy
  • Fire Breathers
  • Fire Dancers
  • Hoopers
  • Jugglers 
  • Popcorn 
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Magicians
  • Musicians
  • Unicyclists
CIRCUS PICNIC Carnival Party Entertainers, Performers and Staff, Awesome Corporate Party Experience

"Kelly and her team of entertainers did a fabulous job with our Coney Island themed party! The guests loved them and really enjoyed the interaction! I would highly recommend them for any event!"

 Julie, The McNay Art Museum


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