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Updated: May 24, 2021

From Jefe & Kelly (our founders):

This is a personal portrait of 2018 from our eyes. A look behind the lens and behind the curtain of our experiences together. This is a yearly tradition for us, a practice we’ve committed to for 5 straight years now. It’s both an annual time capsule and a video love letter. Although it has the spirit of an intimate home video, we wanted to share it with our CIRCUS PICNIC community because you're part of our extended family.

We made time on weekends and early mornings weaving these peak moments together in the edit room, in between a busy schedule of client work. With so much going on, we’re so happy we still found time to make it—even though it’s already February :-).

This is a celebration of life with our favorite people (colleagues, friends, clients, family), and a gift to ourselves—both the joy of the process and the realization that it will become something of a digital heirloom. A vivid moving picture album to look back on, smile and reflect.

2018 was a year of deepening relationships on so many levels. And what better way to do it than swinging from trees, climbing great heights, and telling stories that start with the heart.

We made new friends with amazing clients focused on making a positive impact in our world. We also encountered all kinds of creatures out on production, befriending species of every stripe: cows, mechanical armadillos, Barton Springs Salamanders, bats, and more!

Although this was the busiest and most productive year of our lives, we also spent quality time with family. Celebrating special milestones, going on epic nature adventures, and enjoying the simple pleasure of togetherness.

Jefe and Kelly Greenheart pregnancy photos
"Oh my gosh, you're pregnant, too!!??" Kelly & Jefe belly bumps

The big news of our year was getting pregnant and expecting our first child!

We’re due late March. As a result, Kelly has chosen to hang up her stilts for the time being, but we had an incredible season on the events entertainment side of CIRCUS PICNIC, providing huge entertainment packages at company parties for Apple, Facebook, Atlassian, and many more. It’s been a thrilling ride building our teams and getting opportunities to do inspiring work—from short documentaries about the SEL movement (Social & Emotional Learning in education), to taking our collaboration with ACL Music Festival to the next level by helping spearhead video content, while also bringing our magical performance troupe both weekends of the fest.

We look forward to creating and capturing more magical moments with you this year!

2019: here we are with our arms, hearts, and minds wide open for the adventure!


“Once Again” Petit Biscuit

“Good Morning” Max Frost

“Across the Room (featuring Leon Bridges)” Odesza

“Storm Boy” Xavier Rudd

“Permaculture” Paul Izak

“Apparently” Random Rab


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