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2019 REEL

Updated: May 24, 2021

This video is a celebration of our key collaborations in 2018 and beyond! We’re proud strategic partners to leaders across diverse sectors: education, sports, technology, politics, entertainment, health, and even the financial industry. The common thread has always been working with good people on projects that are making our world a brighter, more connected place. We’re especially thrilled to work closely with an ecosystem of partners that are leading the way in the mindfulness movement. We’re creating content about Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) with Pure Edge, CASEL, Congressman Tim Ryan, Stanford University, and the Aspen Institute among others.

Our year in numbers:

  • 300+ edited videos

  • 80+ events

  • 150+ Clients served stellar content & entertainment services

  • 100,000+ miles traveled

  • Countless magical moments along the journey

We continue to collaborate with our friends at Wanderlust, a community where we’ve sparked new connections with friends like Adriene Mishler, the creator of “Yoga with Adriene”-- the top yoga-based youtube channel. If you’re looking for the perfect way to start the year with a healthy routine, we highly recommend signing up for her free 30 Day Yoga Journey “Dedicate”. Also, look for our behind-the-scenes video of the project later this month.

We’re on a MISSION to help make positive movements move.

The result: we’ve woven an ecosystem of inspiring collaborations that we hope will help illuminate the encouraging things that are happening on our planet. We need that now more than ever.

It wasn’t easy crafting this piece though. Our editor Zac Parks described the making of this reel as,

“a real challenge considering the high volume of work we produced in 2018. In order to make sure we were showcasing the best of the best, it was necessary to comb through a multitude of projects, carefully selecting shots or moments that not only met our visual standards but also conveyed the essence of our company and partnerships. We realized we couldn't simply show our work, we had to tell a story, or at the very least give the viewer a sense of what CIRCUS PICNIC believes in. Through careful ordering of shots and crucial sound-ups from memorable personalities, this final video is not only a celebration of beauty and technical prowess, it's also an intimate portrait of our companies' soul.”

We look forward to creating more meaningful media and magical events this year! Consider this your collaboration invitation… let’s get a conversation started on how we can find ways to create together in 2019!

Please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call to chat or send us an email to schedule a call soon. How can we help?

Wishing you wonderful things in 2019,

Jefe Greenheart & the CIRCUS PICNIC team

CIRCUS PICNIC Crew @ CP Spectacular Event 2018
CIRCUS PICNIC Crew @ CP Spectacular Event 2018


Here's some special shoutouts to some of our favorite clips from the collaborations reel:


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