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When Atlassian hired us to help them realize an immersive Alice-in-Quantumland themed puzzle room experience for their Austin team’s annual Big Bash event, we were beyond thrilled. Here at CIRCUS PICNIC, we’re not just about providing fantastic and professional entertainment and productions, but the passion behind all we do is to create and capture magical moments. That’s our real specialty.

Being given the opportunity to design and implement full immersive worlds is a true gift, and here’s how we delivered:

Alice and wonderland cast for lie events, company parties, puzzle rooms, and immersive experiences in austin texas.
Alice and Wonderland Cast for live events, company parties, immersive experiences


The Big Bash is the annual Atlassian team building extravaganza, known for being a highly creative adventure for all 250+ local team members. This year the event was held at a legendary Austin venue, Emo's, completely decked out in full quantum-tech-tea-party decor with custom eats & treats by Rosemary's Catering. Atlassian collaborated with the amazing folks at The Enigma Room in Sydney, Australia to design the puzzles that each Atlassian team would tackle during a 90 minute countdown. And not only that, but the experience necessitated a gatekeeper character, an actor who would invite the entire room into the experience with a scripted stage show at the top of the event.

Enter our White Rabbit CEO turned gender-bending Mad Hatter (Kaci Beeler), who flipped a giant switch to bring the Atlassians into the Quantum-land world alongside her off-stage computer companion A.L.I.C.E. (voiced by Michael Ferstenfeld).

Mad Hatter at Emo's Austin TX
The Mad Hatter

One moment the Atlassians are enjoying tea and crumpets, and the next they are thrust into a mad dash to complete the ingenious and dastardly Enigma Room puzzles before it’s too late!

The puzzles would also necessitate facilitators...and not just any ordinary helpers, but 14 fully-realized Quantum Wonderland characters. We cast talented local actors, improvisers, and acrobats and made all of the detailed costumes ourselves.

Our incredible team researched and rehearsed together (including a very fun Alice in Wonderland viewing party) before unleashing this merry band into the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

The queen of hearts costume character in Austin Texas for events
Queen of Hearts Chess Challenge

After the puzzle experience (in which one especially enterprising team was declared the winner), the real tea party began, with snacks, drinks, and character interactions from

  • The Queen of Hearts (who challenged party goers to a risky game of chess)

  • The Caterpillar (who could tell your fortune)

  • The Mad Hatter (who led people through croquet in the courtyard)

  • And our Giant Rose Strolling Table (who delighted people with her amazing dress and served hors d'oeuvres by Rosemary's Catering)

Rose flower strolling table for events and corporate parties in austin, san antonio, and dallas  texas
Floral strolling table for live events

In the post-event glow, Atlassian team members confessed to our actors their joy and delight:

  • “This was the best Big Bash event yet! (And we’ve had a lot of good ones!).”

  • “I can’t believe that just happened! Everyone looks so amazing.”

  • “That was incredible. No one expected an event like this when we came here today. Wow!”

At the end of the day, we’re here to create authentic connections and we couldn’t have been happier with our Atlassian collaboration. The Atlassian employees were more than ready to immerse themselves in our Quantum world (they are very tech savvy, of course, but also so imaginative!) and we loved playing alongside them.


Photos by Danielle Chloe Photography and CIRCUS PICNIC


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