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Updated: May 27, 2020

POP Austin International Art Show Entertainers, Flamenco and Geisha Stilt Walkers, Swinging French Aerialist, CIRCUS PICNIC Talents, Austin Texas
POP Austin International Art Show Entertainers

At CIRCUS PICNIC we are fortunate enough to regularly work with world class artists, athletes, and performers. Whether we are collaborating on an event or showcasing their work, we often get a close up perspective on their creative process.

Interactive art Experience, Austin Texas Art Show
Interactive art Experience

The Art Show Stilt Walkers, CIRCUS PICNIC Talents, Flamenco wore a Gorgeous Traditionally inspired yellow Dress, Geisha wore Orange Firebird kimono, Austin Texas Art Show
The Art Show Stilt Walkers

POP Austin International Art Show produced by Autumn Rich & Company gave us the unique opportunity to be the interactive art experience at a gallery featuring over 40 of the world’s best painters, sculptors, photographers, and mixed media artists. When combined with our Flamenco and Geisha stilt walkers and our swinging French aerialist, the impressive works from all over the world made for a truly unforgettable evening.  

Our stilt walking Geisha wore a beautiful orange ‘firebird’ kimono and obi designed by Jennifer Ayers, and spoke in only fan language for the whole evening; while our flamenco stilt walker wore a gorgeous traditionally inspired yellow dress custom made by CIRCUS PICNIC.  

Swinging French Mademoiselle, Aerialist at Austin International Art Show, CIRCUS PICNIC Talents
Swinging French Mademoiselle

We had local fabricator, Dale Barrick build an aerial rope swing and once it was covered in vines, it was the perfect romantic perch for our French mademoiselle to swing above the crowds, catching the eye of admirers. The three performers were a living reminder of the wide range of cultures represented in the art on display.  


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